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Vette Marketing is a results orientated marketing agency that has successfully helped generate hundreds of leads & millions in revenue for our clients. Take a look at these results from clients that have implemented the VM complete internet marketing solution.

S-Net Communications
S-Net Results
About S-Net Communication
S-Net is a leading telecommunications company based out of Des Plaines IL with service areas in Chicago, Chicagoland suburbs, and Northwest Indiana. As a business to business telecom service provider, S-Net specializes in fiber optic internet, hosted VOIP, and Managed Cloud Services.

VM has partnered with S-Net over the last two years implementing internet marketing services, re-branding strategy, and lead generation for their direct sales team. As a result from our marketing services, S-Net has consistently received over 50 B to B leads per month and top 10 SEO results for many related keywords. The leads have made an immediate impact on the sales results having a 65% closing ratio.

Utilizing the VM complete solution, S-Net has generated over $2.2 Million in contract revenue over he last 24 months and expanded its direct sales team to manage the lead flow.
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Chiro One Wellness Centers
Chiro One Results
About Chiro One Wellness Centers
Chiro One is the world's fastest growing chiropractic organization with over 75 locations in Illinois, Kentucky, and Texas. Each individual location is owned and operated by the Chiropractic doctor on staff and all have individual marketing needs.

Working directly with each Chiro One location, VM Implemented a complete internet marketing solution for over 4 years. During this 4 year span, we were able to generate amazing results that included: an average of 100 First Day new patients per month, over 150 new appointments scheduled online per month, a 67% lead to patient attendance rate, and over 35 new patient conversions monthly.

As a result from the successful marketing campaigns, Chiro One generated about $1.6 Million in gross revenue annually from new patients.
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Emergency Dental Service
EDS Results
About Emergency Dental Service
Emergency Dental Service is the top online emergency dental referral services in the United States. With over 40 dentist that are a part of the emergency dental network, EDS helps thousands of people with dental emergencies find the right dentist to get them out of pain quickly.

VM designed a custom website on its all in one marketing platform and created individual landing pages for each referral dentist location. Emergency dental service also needed a way to track the number patients each dentist served each month. VM created an online appointment booking system that collects patient data and sends an auto responding email directly to each dentist & the EDS staff.

As a result of implementing the Complete VM marketing solution, Emergency Dental Service generates over 500 phone calls & about 200 appointments scheduled per month. Each patient that schedules and appointment pays a $25 emergency appointment fee which generates about $5000 in e-commerce revenue monthly. Emergency Dental Service has top search engine rankings in all of its 40 geo areas and its network of dentist is growing organically with no sales department.
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Elite Rehab Institute
About Elite Rehab Institute
Elite Rehab Institute is a team of medical providers that offer multiple disciplines of specialty wellness care in the Western Suburbs of Chicago IL. Currently in their 6 locations, Elite offers chiropractic care, physical & massage therapy, acupuncture, and weight loss counseling through Ideal Protein.

After redesigning the Elite Rehab webiste and creating individual landing pages for each location, we achieved outstanding results in the first 6 months through using the VM complete solution. The results include: 187 new patient appointments, a 90% new patient conversion rate, over 100K in gross revenue (based on internet provide leads only), Averaged 9 New Patient Conversions Per Month, and A 52% Lead to Show Rate.

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